Ward supports Dalit community for Panchebaaja preservation

Waling –Ward no. 9 of Bhirkot municipalityin Syangja district has handed Panchebaaja – a set of five traditional Nepali musical instruments played during special ceremony – to a local Dalit community as assistance.

With a view to preserving the special band which is on the verge of disappearance, a set of Panchebaaja worth Rs 150,000 was granted to the Dalit community, said Ward 9 Chairperson Bhim Bahadur Gurung.

“We provided a set of five musical instruments listening to the demand of Dalit community”, he added.
The ward provided this support to the dalit community, which has adopted ‘band playing’ as a profession, in a bid to protect the culture and source of their livelihood.

The Panchebaaja includes the jhyali (cybals), tyamko (small kettledrum), dholak (drims), damaha (large kettledrums), narsiha (a long S-shaped trumpet), shehnai (a folk oboe) and karnal (a wide mouthed straight trumpet).

The Dalit community of Bhirkot-9 has been playing Panchebaaja in feasts, festivals and special ceremony.

Source: Ratopati.com

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